About Us


Make the buying and selling of used military gear easy and fun by connecting military service members around the country through the use of a digital marketplace.

The Problem

Military service members buy and sell their surplus through old outdated surplus stores across the world. This old business model is hurting approximately 2 million service members. They are forced to use this outdated system causing them to lose money for their valuable specialized equipment.

The Solution

Our website will connect service members throughout the world. The most important aspect of this marketplace is that it will be secure. Service members will now be able to buy and sell surplus goods directly to one another through a safe and secure platform.

  • Getting military members more money for their gear
    • Service members frequently sell their unused gear to surplus stores for a considerably lower amount than what it is worth. Rather than the surplus store turning around and selling these items for a larger profit, Battle Rattle aims to get service members a larger return on their investment.
  • Connecting service members
    • Battle Rattle will connect all service members, enabling them to shop for the best gear and sizes. Often times, the surplus stores don’t have an array of sizes and service members are forced to buy new. 
  • Shopping around for prices
    • Battle Rattle brings more products to market, helping people to expand their search for gear and negotiate prices. 
  • Secure Marketplace
    • Battle Rattle is a service-member owned and operated platform, secured by through user authentication. This way we're able to ensure everyone is transacting in a safe, convenient, and interactive community.